Am I A PIN UP???

Modern Pinup/rockabilly is a way of life a dedication! Individuals who change their whole image to look like that of previous era (in particularly 1940s – 1950s). That incorporates their hair make up and attire. There are distinctive sorts of pin ups styles, everything from retro cheesy to  Hollywood glamour and femme fatale.

Guard Your Heart

It’s a powerful and liberating thing to fully accept and understand that the only person I have control over is myself.I can control my thoughts, words, and actions What will mess you up every time is the idea things/relationships are always supposed to run smoothly and go as you plan. I find that I of to…

OOTD Gingham Print

Gingham! one of my favourite spring,summer print. Blouse and Trousers purchase from Rockers England…. A little vintage reproduction store in Manchester. Shoes From New Look ( see my previous blog post about  mixing modern fashion with vintage and vintage reproductions)


True vintage dress