Orange Is The New Black

Whilst we all wait in anticipation for the sun to make an appearance (oops it’s here!) now it’s time to bust out them bright colours 😊

What mystery pervades !
That sun that shines so bright —
A neighbor from another world
Residing in a jar.To pity those that know her not is helped by the regret,That those who know her, know her less….The nearer her they get. .~unknown

Dress @loveurlookclothing
Accessories @splendette
Hat 🤔 cannot remember
Bag: True vintage gifted by @bubblesarah87

Dare To Be you.

Lady Eccentrik

3 Comments Add yours

  1. wendyhewson1 says:

    Love the sun – YES – and your sunny outfit !! Especially the hat and chunky jewellery – very 1950s. I am now following your blog because I really like your sunny vintage style !!

  2. Terry grey says:

    Orange is the new black!!!

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