Pachuca Style Inspiration – ‘cholitas’

In this post, I have adopted a style that originally came to prominence during World War 2 from Mexican ladies in America. Taking inspiration from their male counterparts, ‘pachuco’, the style ‘Pachuca is a statement of rebellion against rationing, racism and fight for equal rights for Mexican women. Women used the style and movement to…

Life’s A Picnic

Photo by Retro Clarke Wearing Seamstress Of Bloomsbury Location Isle of Wight

Vintage Bathing Suit

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and we are out of lockdown. I have been aching to feel the sand between my toes for some time now and unfortunately, because of the pandemic, my holiday to Jamaica was cancelled. I was looking forward to going back home. However, I must confess I was…

Tam first Short wig||Try On

Hi, Lovelies meet my best friend, Tam Monet. Lately, she has been thinking about cutting her hair short, but she is worried it might not suit her, so I suggested she tried one of my wigs and outcomes Josephine A custom made Marcel way wave wig. Tam has never worn a wig like this before,…

Feeling Blue

Long gloves or Short loves? Accessories are the difference that makes the difference.  It is with these small details that style can be found.  And that style may be subtle, or it may be glaringly obvious, or somewhere in between. Watch Video

One in a melon

Ootd is this watermelon 🍉 print sarong dress. I have found a new love for this style; if you want to feel sexy, confident and bold 50’s style, then Sarong dresses are the ultimate dress for giving you that feeling. Staying true to the vintage sarong dresses, the colour of this dress is bold and bright….

Vintage inspired Barbie

I’ m wearing my favourite Dalmatian Cape to bring this Barbie inspired look together.   Strolling around London. I received many compliments. One woman gasped in admiration and said “wow you look amazing, like a Barbie, it must take a lot of effort” . I mean come on not that much effort lady; all I…

Wear What You Sew.

In our world of overt consumerism, learning to make clothes with your own hands has become so freeing.I can attest to that feeling😊 I’m extremely proud of this vintage style wrap blouse. After buying my sewing machine 1 week ago I couldn’t wait to learn how to use it. I started off with the basic….

Once in a blue Moon

I know I post once in a blue moon on my blog, but this is due to my busy schedule.I am trying my hardest to find that balance 😊 In the mean time, I am being quite literal in my title making reference to this blue ensemble 💙💙💙 and the moment I shared with a…

Orange Is The New Black

Whilst we all wait in anticipation for the sun to make an appearance (oops it’s here), now it is time to bust out them bright colours 😊 What mystery pervades! That sun that shines so bright — A neighbor from another world Residing in a jar. To pity those that know her not is helped…