Vintage Bathing Suit


The weather is finally starting to warm up, and we are out of lockdown. I have been aching to feel the sand between my toes for some time now and unfortunately, because of the pandemic, My holiday to Jamaica was cancelled.


I was looking forward to going back home. However, I must confess I was more excited about parading around the island in My lovely vintage summer dresses and beachwear; I curated an excellent mixture for my island getaway.


Lady Eccentrik



Lady Eccentrik

Among my sundress was this beautiful Pinup Girl Clothing vintage inspire bathing suit. I say vintage inspire truth be told this bathing suit looked and felt authentic to the untrained eye would think it came straight from the 1950s anyway vintage are not it hugs the right places the rouge details is perfect for any problem areas I felt absolutely confident in itLady Eccentrik

I didn’t make it to Jamaica because of the travel restrictions with the ease of lockdown my friend invited me to the Isle of Wight there wasn’t any tropical breeze or coconut, but as I laid on the beach and closed my eyes I escape, and it felt like was right at home

2020-07-06-10-48-14-085 (1)

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