Vintage Bathing Suit

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and we are out of lockdown. I have been aching to feel the sand between my toes for some time now and unfortunately, because of the pandemic, my holiday to Jamaica was cancelled. I was looking forward to going back home. However, I must confess I was…

Feeling Blue

Long gloves or Short loves? Accessories are the difference that makes the difference.  It is with these small details that style can be found.  And that style may be subtle, or it may be glaringly obvious, or somewhere in between. Watch Video


Modern Pinup/rockabilly is a way of life a dedication! Individuals who change their whole image to look like that of previous era (in particularly 1940s – 1950s). That incorporates their hair make up and attire. There are distinctive sorts of pin ups styles, everything from retro cheesy to  Hollywood glamour and femme fatale.

Best Dress Female

I was featured in the 93rd edition of The Chap for winning best dressed female award at Chap Olympiad 2017 This was the first occasion I attend Chap Olympiad . I completely cherished each moment of it, the atmosphere, the distinctive characters and exhibits I was in vintage paradise, it truly surpassed my desires, so…

Guard Your Heart

It’s a powerful and liberating thing to fully accept and understand that the only person I have control over is myself. I can control my thoughts, words, and actions What will mess you up every time is the idea things/relationships are always supposed to run smoothly and go as you plan. I find that I…