I think the first question before I go any further is … What is a pin-up? I honestly don’t know any single answer to this question. I think over the years the meaning has slightly changed. So I did what any sensible person would, I decided to ask google lol… after a nano-second google of course came up with the following answers.

pinup dress

  • Pin-up is a poster showing a famous or attractive person. ~en oxford dictionary
  • Phrase pin-up started in 1670-80 for general senses; 1940-45 as photograph of a pretty woman; noun, adj. use of pin-up.
  • A pin-up is an attractive man or woman who appears on posters, often wearing very few clothes. A model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as pop culture. Pin-ups are intended for informal display. Pin-up girls are often glamour models, fashion models, and actresses. These days men can be considered “pin-ups” as well.
  • Modern pin-ups tend to dress in vintage clothing inspired by the pin-ups of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc.

Answers from google I  found very disappointing. Similar to what I suspected there is no single answer to this question. Throughout the years the meaning has unmistakably changed. Be that as it may, what was clear is I was not by any means the only person inquisitive about this topic… Nowadays I’ve regularly been referred to as a pin-up. This drove me to inquire as to whether I am one? With many reasonable responses to what a pin-up was I choose to advance the inquiry to my Online networking family… Am I a pin-up? What is a pin-up? Subsequent to perusing their reaction It was very self-evident like me nobody truly knows.



  • Cecrilla: Morticia Vibes! I feel like people get pin-up and retro inspired misconstrued. What you and other ladies do, is a lifestyle. Me personally, I get called an old lady for how I sometimes dress, but if you take away my hair or style it different, it takes the vibe away… that’s retro inspired. Pin-up/rockabilly is a commitment, people change a lot for this image, not something you throw on or feel like doing a few times a week or an aspect is removed and it alters a look entirely. You are a pin-up!
  • afro.goth: gorgeous ensemble 😍 I would consider you a pin-up for sure, to me a pin-up is anyone who curates an individual take on vintage clothes. To have an eye for clothes that display your own flair is what sets a pin-up apart from the rest.
  • 7titan:You are 💯one gorgeous pin-up indeed. Pin-up at it’s finest!🤗☺️😍
  • Randy Jablonka No you are not a pin-up… you are much much more than that. One could easily dress this way to make others think they have achieved a level of elegance and sophistication and self mastery and style, and one can dress this way because they are the real deal.
    In the end… it does become obvious which is which, and who is who…
    Just my opinion… haha


After my google research and perusing some of my adherents conclusions on what or who they think a pin-up is, I think I have a superior comprehension of what the word pin-up means and who is a pin-up. I agree with @cecrilla and @afro.goth. A wrong elucidation has been put on the word consequently why nowadays some vintage darlings who dress the part would complain on the off chance that you call them a pin-up. I know since I was corrected in the wake of calling a vintage blogger a pin-up. She said ‘ I am not a pin-up, I am a young lady who adores vintage Fashion.’ Like Cecrilla said the line is effortlessly blurred, and this specific blogger didn’t do the full hair and make she just wore vintage and retro style apparel from that era (1940s-1950s)


I figure I can begin to unmistakably observe the distinction and meaning of a pin-up of then and now.

What is the meaning of pin-up?

Old meaning (oxford dictionary)

  • Pin-up is A poster showing a famous or attractive person. ~en oxford dictionary

Urban dictionary (lol)

  • Modern pin-up/rockabilly is a way of life a dedication! Individuals who change their whole image to look like that of previous era (in particularly 1940s – 1950s). That incorporates their hair make up and attire. There are distinctive sorts of pin-up styles, everything from retro cheesy to Hollywood glamour and femme fatale.


To finish up, the conclusion to my inquiry is…. YES I’M A PIN-UP.

On the off chance that I’m wrong, please feel free to leave a comment what are your thoughts? Do you have an alternate translation of the word pin-up? In the event, I would love to hear it.

Judging by what you think you know about Lady Eccentrik do you think she’s a pin-up. Yes I just referred to myself in the third person lol.

Until next time thank you for reading 🙂

Photo by @Photography by @Cliftongould


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  1. {theEye} says:

    YES QUEEN!!! Keep it up! ❤

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