Happy Love Day

The fastest way to show someone you care is by caring about yourself first— We‘re quick to give everyone in our lives plenty of unconditional love, but the same can‘t be said when it comes to self-love. There‘s no better day to fix this than Valentine‘s Day, a holiday dedicated to all forms of affection….

 F.O.P 2018

First Outfit Post 2018 It’s another year! 2018 to be precise.Last year was an effective year for me .I was able to collaborate  with a few different Vintage inspired brands. Which gave me the opportunity to try out different looks for example my pinup bombshell  Lola dress  from Violets in May or my 1940s Inspired…


Tis the season to be glam without a doubt a little black dress is one of the easiest options, yet who says holiday dressing must be so dull? Following up from my last entry (Christmas Party Lola Dress ) here is my second look…. I was looking for glitz and glamour, and decided to go…

Am I A PIN UP???

Modern Pinup/rockabilly is a way of life a dedication! Individuals who change their whole image to look like that of previous era (in particularly 1940s – 1950s). That incorporates their hair make up and attire. There are distinctive sorts of pin ups styles, everything from retro cheesy to  Hollywood glamour and femme fatale.

Guard Your Heart

It’s a powerful and liberating thing to fully accept and understand that the only person I have control over is myself.I can control my thoughts, words, and actions What will mess you up every time is the idea things/relationships are always supposed to run smoothly and go as you plan. I find that I of to…