F.O.P 2018

First Outfit Post 2018

It’s another year! 2018 to be precise. Last year was an effective year for me. I was able to collaborate  with a few different Vintage inspired brands. Which gave me the opportunity to try out different looks for example my pinup bombshell  Lola dress  from Violets in May or my 1940’s Inspired Mae tea dress from Rock n Romance. These two dresses are on the opposite scale both inspired by different era’s.

As I develop my brand/image I feel its necessary to experiment. I am not saying you need to stick to one particular look. However it is my preference to do so. I am on a mission to find “The Eccentrik Look” yeah! when you see me you should know it’s me 😊. Think of it this way, have you ever known someone that has a favourite perfume and anytime you smell that scent you think of that person? Well, that’s my aim… anytime you see that look I want you to think of “Eccentrik”.

This year I plan to mix things up and make my fashion more diverse. This means I will be including Modern trends while keeping my pinup aesthetic. It has come to my attention that some  of my reader’s adore vintage fashion. However, they are somewhat hesitant to do the entire look and it can/feel like a mission to find My look.

I also want to inspire you on my journey. Therefore I will be showing you that you can mix it up – Vintage with Modern trends.

Here is my First look for 2018.  A 1940s blouse paired with a modern PVC circle skirt  and a vintage style hat by Pyewacket Millinery 

Photography by Belle Prive


4 Comments Add yours

  1. What a gorgeous outfit, I also love the flawless makeup! Really cool look overall 🙂

  2. This outfit is so wonderful

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