Christmas Party Outfit ||Look 3

What to wear on December 25th🤔 well, I’ve opted for this 1950s style.

Rose Thorns Floral Retro

dress from Dolly and Dotty. One of my favourite prints.

I think this dress looks festive, the colour combo screams it’s Christmas! The dress is great for family dinners, whatever your tradition is. It is always pleasant to pick something that denotes the merry season.

Look 1 and 2 in my previous post are for those evenings out. I introduced glitz and glamour (check them out if you haven’t). However for C-Day I decided on this style dress if you’re similar to me Christmas day is one of those days that I eat as much as I can and I needed a dress that is agreeable for feasting yet not trading off on style. Circle dress or great choice for this.

I do have one reservation with this dress, on the off chance that you are reluctant about your arm area like I am, this dress wouldn’t really be for you. I believe that the way it cuts in at the arm highlights those not so nice area for me… However there’s always the options of wearing a cardigan over it. Which I will be doing because I absolutely love this print.

If on the half possibility that you can hardly wait to see my different Christmas season looks you can watch an outfit break down video here.

What will you be wearing on Christmas Day? Is comfort the key or do you like to go all out and glam things up a bit?
Dare to be you.

Lady Eccentrik.

Photography by @Cliftongould


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