Best Dress Female

I was featured in the 93rd edition of The Chap for winning best dressed female award at Chap Olympiad 2017

This was the first occasion I attend Chap Olympiad . I completely cherished each moment of it, the atmosphere, the distinctive characters and exhibits I was in vintage paradise, it truly surpassed my desires, so far it’s been the best occasion i’ve attend this year I was totally stunned I didn’t know that there would be a best dress award, when I heard the declaration I was truly astonished.


I wore an Original 1940s dressing Robe printed in a vibrant pattern of bright cornflower blue daisies with maize yellow centres, jewel green foliage and posies of bright poppy red blossoms. I accessorised with an elegant ladies’ dress cream gloves, They had a thin lining. Baby soft leather, I believe there from the 50s or 60s… I also styled my hair in Marcel wave. Not to mention my gorgeous full fluffy fur stole with a hint of off white and brown markings brought the overall look together.

Watch video here

Lady Eccentrik Best Dress Female

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