About Lady Eccentrik

Hey Guys and dolls,
It’ your Jamaican/British vintage pinup doll, Lady Eccentrik, welcome to my blog a space. For the past decade I ran my own Entertainment company where I managed Jamaican firebrand reggae artiste Nesbeth. This was a great experience I even produce one his biggest single if not the biggest song to come out of Jamaica “My Dream” maybe im being bias here but you be the judge aside from music I wanted show a different side to me I’ve created to this blog to occasional bring you insight into a piece of my world, you can expect loads of interesting posts from me right here.
I wanted this to be a place for you to come and see my creative side unfold, give you a glimpse of all the wonderful things that inspire me to be me.
I fell in love with vintage on my quest to be different from my peers, I would always experiment with different vintage pieces mixing them with current trends, but this clearly wasn’t enough for me, I came across an iconic woman, name ‘Grace jones’ and I was especially captivated whenever she recreated a classic vintage look. As classic as grace can be she always gave her looks an edge. I then came across one of my biggest inspirations ‘Dita Von Tease’ and at that moment I was sold, I took the pledge and never looked back, such grace, such elegance, with a squeeze of sex appeal how could a gal go wrong? Here I am 10 years on and I tend to wear vintage pinup styles from head to toe, particularly the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.
Here you can expect to see all things vintage, it’s no secret that I’m a ‘Jamaican vintage girl living in a vintage world’ I’ll be posting about my hair journey, ‘how to styling’, ‘wigs’ and much more. I will also be Vloging via my YouTube channel to bring you visual content, bringing you on shoot with me when modelling and of course all my fashion D.I.Y’s and beauty tips. I have a passion for helping others but most of all I want to inspire your desire to be different. Check out my, Instagram @ladeccentrikb for all my snapshots and my Facebook.


More about this outfit in my next post
Remember, ‘Dare to be you’.


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  1. Neomi says:

    Great website and looking forward to reading your blog posts

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