It’s no secret that sometimes our schedule can be so hectic we need that ideal go to wig unit that we can just pick up and slip on. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love my natural kinky, gravity defying hair but sometime just sometimes I need that quick fix and go, be sure to keep your eyes out for future blogs and YouTube videos explaining how to style your natural ‘Afrocentik’ hair 1950’s pin up style.
After searching high and low and trying many of wigs, some from my local highstreets hair supplier, some from online retailers I finally found a wig I was confident and comfortable to put my name on.

This wig is amazing, ok let me talk you through my whole wig experience. I came across this wig randomly whilst recently touring with reggae sensation ‘ Nesbeth’ who I Manage, I often feel like superwoman, Jamaican 1950’s pin up girl by day Talent Manager by night well if you take into account the time zones its technically night.
I digress so with some of my free time in Switzland, Zürich I wondered into this little hair supply store set back from the beautiful oh and noticeably clean streets, literally everything looks like it’s had a fresh polish just that morning. So yes this little supply store with its brown window shutters and dark oak stained wooden door with its square window panes, it totally felt like I was walking into a 1950’s store, beautifully laid out with different type of wigs, the colours, the textures, the endless styles I was in hair heaven.

After trying on what felt like a handful of wigs but I’m guessing by the well-mannered assistant trying to hide her frustration through a polite grin, I must have tried on a fair few, I came across this special wig, a wig like no other before as soon as I seen it I was drawn to its 1b glossy bouncy curls with a slight hint of brown every time the light kissed it, I just had to try it on. Initially it felt silky soft I couldn’t believe it wasn’t human hair, I was slightly disappointed until I Notice the label stating I could use heat. I slipped into this sexy number and I just knew she was the one for me.
I left the store that Sunday afternoon feeling smitten. Once I got to the apartment and started to have a play around with her because of course I had to bless her, with her first brush out and ‘Pin curl’ sets.

I couldn’t help thinking, ‘I’ve been asked so many times about my Wigs, where to buy them, how to style them, why not give the people what they want?’
So guys for all who has ever asked me about my go to wigs click the link below because I now have them for sale £45 per unit what a bargain!!! and for all you newbies I’ve even gone that extra mile because I appreciate all of the love and support you guys show me and created a little YouTube video showing you how to achieve some classic 1950’s vintage waves. Be sure to like and share I’m looking forward to all your lovely feedback.

Xxx Lady Eccentrik…‘Dare to be you’ Xxx

Hair Styled by Lady E and @Baberska.muah

watch full video on My Youtube Channel….(Lady Eccentrik ||HOLLYWOOD VINTAGE WAVE WIG||HOW TO STYLE YOUR WIG||NO HEAT||LINDY BOP)


If you have not got a Response in 2 days by using form please email instead.

For Purchase please fill in the form.Note there is only 2 colours available colour 1 and 1b


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  1. I love it!!
    It suits your personality and looks so real, slay on hunny!!!

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