Modern Chic to Pinup Bombshell

How to create the vintage look using more reachable and affordable garments,

I decided that this blog will explain a little on just that. You may know that when I first started experimenting with vintage clothing i’d shop on the high street and dig my way through vintage stores, Oxfam and thrift stores we all love a good bargain especially me. 😉 I tend to shop  anywhere I go yes, a habit of mine, I don’t drink or smoke so I guess this is my addiction.
I’m often out of the U.K touring with my reggae artist Nesbeth, so when I can squeeze a day of or usually a few hours if I’m being honest; ill google search the nearest vintage stores and make way….. one of the perks of being on the road lol. I’ve really found some great pieces along my travels.

When at home I visit stores across London and sometime evening weekends away to surrounding cities just to go treasure hunting as you can imagine theirs still loads to discover.I don’t usually have a way to shop unless I’m shopping for an event or for a client, oh I didn’t mention I provide a personal shopping service (Drop me an email if you are interested) so when shopping for clients I have specific things in mind but for the latter I usually come across unique vintage item that I know is hard to find.

I’d say for the first-time vintage shopper and pinup enthusiast, I know this can be frightening as we want to get the look right, The transformation can be daunting I remember when I remember when I first started 2-3 years ago It was a huge change.There was so many things to take in consideration the hair styles ,the different era shapes . base on my experience I can tell you should  do a bit of research(well the fact that you’re reading this blog shows that your on the right part)  After all we’re going back in time its important to know the history just the smallest detail can determine a particular era… check this cool blog out  here is my mini fashion time line.

collage of fashion time line

There’re quite a few  vintage reproduction store like Lindy bop(ps all the outfit in pic above is from there) Collectif, Pinup Girl Clothing,Trashy Diva ,Love Your Look Clothing, just to name a few I will be talking more about these brands at some point….This YouTube blog is focusing on modern fashion and how you can recreate a vintage pinup look without with high street brands like Zara and New Look,this is important because you might already have these brands in your wardrobe. So many vintage inspired prints and cuts or in trend this season. Check out my Vlog via my YouTube  to see how you can go from modern chic to vintage bombshell.VINTAGE ON THE HIGH STREET


Remember ‘Dare to be you’


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  1. AntipeWilson says:

    I love the vintage look it’s so elegant

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